You’ll be blown away!

The Force 5 series is designed for heavy duty agricultural, industrial and construction cleaning applications. Built for the toughest environments, they deliver maximum compressed air when and where required. Featuring a dead-man trigger and auxiliary handle, the Force 5 Megablaster is the safe alternative to dangerous home made versions. Engineered to be paired with portable diesel air compressors or larger factory compressors, the venturi nozzle multiplies the airflow at the tip to provide maximum thrust and high performance. The lance can be cut down to any length (common preset lengths below) to suit your exact requirements.

Download the printable brochure: Force 5 Megablaster – Bruder

Note: When selecting wand length, please be advised that this includes the venturi nozzle. The actual wand will be roughly 100mm shorter.

Force 5 Megablaster Blowgun with 1500mm Extension: F5M-1500

Force 5 Megablaster Blowgun with 1200mm Extension: F5M-1200*

Force 5 Megablaster Blowgun with 600mm Extension: F5M-600

Force 5 Megablaster Blowgun with 300mm Extension: F5M-300

* Most popular length for farmers and contract harvesters/balers.

All Force 5 series guns come with a Nitto quick-connect fitting or a Minsup claw coupling depending on your preference.

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