The most powerful safety air gun on the planet.

The Force 5 Series is designed for heavy-duty agricultural cleaning situations. Utilising a venturi nozzle, they’re built for the toughest environments, delivering high volume compressed air. 

Featuring a dead-man trigger, the Force 5 Blowgun is the safe alternative to home-made, ball valve actuated, open pipes. Engineered to be paired with tow-behind, or large in-plant compressors.

bruder kompressor force 5 blowgun handle extras
  • An adjustable auxiliary handle for additional support and control. 
  • Lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum extension available in 24” to 72”. 
bruder kompressor force 5 blowgun auxiliary handle extras
  • Rugged cast aluminum handle - stands up to the toughest environment. 


bruder kompressor force 5 blowgun venturi nozzle extras
  • High Power Venturi Nozzle provides extreme thrust